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Camp Fircom – September 9 – 11

Registration now open!!

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Please click on the following link to access the registration form.

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Our Polaris leadership program shapes who you are now, and who you will become tomorrow.

What is youth leadership? The Young Foundation, (2009) defines youth leadership as “young people empowered to inspire and mobilize themselves and others towards a common purpose, in response to either personal and/or social issues and challenges.” The Polaris program aims to place youth in a group setting where they can be part of new and exciting experiences that push them to discover their personal strengths, areas for growth, and how to work as members and leaders of a group.

You can get more information by clicking on this link:  http://fircom.ca/summer-camp/polaris


Ryerson Choral Scholarships Chosen for 2016-17 

$2,500 for Each Scholar

Ryerson United Church is pleased to announce that Lianne Pantonial and Heidi Chang     have been chosen to be our 2016 – 2017 Choral Scholars.

The Choral Scholars Program provides up to two scholarships of $2,500 each for eligible Grade 12 students (2017 Grads). Selected scholars also gain the opportunity to sing with an acclaimed and semi-professional choir with a wide ranging, primarily classical repertoire.

Please see the Choral Scholars section under Ryerson Music.


sanctuary march 2014

A Ryerson Wedding

Magee Wind Ensemble

Magee Wind Ensemble